Hunch’s “Taste Graph”

Hunch is a recommendation platform that analyzes the user’s activity trend and lists recommendations on all sort of topics. It develops a map around user preferences and name it “Taste Graph”. It’s a sort of prediction tool, which improves constantly as you use (you like something, provide ratings, check-in, etc.)

It’s somewhat similar to companies offer you shopping card, such as lifestyle, and in turn the companies track your purchase. What does companies gain? They gain the invaluable data: your shopping preferences, trend, etc. Based on which companies evaluate their market strategy.  Hunch approach is somewhat similar, except that instead of discount Hunch offers recommendations and it makes profit by selling your data to companies. It seems a great business model, as data is one of the highest ranked commodity – invaluable.

I’m eager to try hunch and see how the Taste Graph evolves and how good it recommends 😉


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