Things to consider when purchasing exercise bike

I had spent a lot of time in purchasing the exercise bike for my parents, so I thought it would be wise to share my learning – in a way that I think that it might help someone.

Exercise bike is one of best exercise equipment for old age, as it helpful for knee joints. I came across three types of exercise bikes – one with belt based friction, magnetic friction, and spring bikes. Spring bikes are for hard-core cyclists, hence out of race. Remaining two bikes – belt based and magnet based – are best suited for personal use.
Belt based bikes are cheap but they need maintenance and they have a slight jerk when used. On the other hand magnetic bikes are a little costly, but they are smooth to run and good-looking.
The difference in cost between two types of bikes is not much – considering that it will be used product for long time.

On an average belt based bikes start from as low as INR 3k while the magnetic bikes start from INR 5k. I went for magnetic bike, as it was good to use and smart looking. There are lot of brand options, but unpopular ones are the one that comes in budget of 7-8k. I went for magnetic bike of some unknown make that costed 7k and I’m happily using it so far.

Though I liked the bike, if given a chance to reconsider my option I would consider the following things:
– The seat should be adjustable high enough so that the tallest member of your family can use it easily.
– Seat adjustment should easy – may be a simple clip that is easy to operate. Mine has a screw which takes a little effort.
– The display screen should be easy to use i.e. reset should be handy and all. This is the component that will provide the progress analysis, hence very important.
– There should be an compartment to hold cell phone and a water bottle. Though, this option is not important, but if I you get this option for nominal price hike then it’s a good to have feature.
– If you are taking it out of station then make sure you understand the bike assembly well. You can go without it if you like problem solving and I bet you will enjoy it. In case you don’t want to spend your time and brain on it, make sure you understand the assembly as mine was a bit complex.
– If your parents are very old consider the bike that have a back chair otherwise go for normal ones.

In North India Delhi’s cycle market in Jhandewallan is the one where you can get best deal at wholesale market rate – even cheaper than one available online. In case you have any questions you can post it as a comment. Happy cycling!


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