How to restore bricked blackberry 10 OS

A bricked blackberry is the state where the phone is stuck on the boot logo. I’ve struggled with this problem and here is step by step guide to do it on your own i.e. how to force load OS 10.x on your device (remember this will erase all your data from the phone). These steps are in context of blackberry z10, but they will similar for other 10 OS devices.

Step 1: Download the  Sacha’s “Sachesi” tool from here github (

Step 2: unzip the downloaded zip file and run Sachesi.exe

Step 3: A new Sachesi tool window will appear. Go to the search tab and enter the settings for your country (available on the wiki and click search.


Step 4: Download the files by clicking download button.

Step 5: Once downloaded go to tab named Extract and click on button named “Create from files”. Locate the downloaded files (all of it using shift or ctrl key) and create Autoloader.exe.


Step 6: Once exe file is created execute it. This file will be located in the same folder where downloaded files are present. Sit back and relax – your phone will come alive 😉

P.S. If this post solved your problem and save your money, please don’t forget to like or comment.


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