Setting up Spark development environment

Now that you know what Spark is for, we'll show you how to set up and test a Spark development environment on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), and macOS X — whatever common operating system you are using, this article should give you what you need to be able to start developing Spark applications. What is Spark … Continue reading Setting up Spark development environment


Apache Spark Introduction

In this first Spark article, I'll try to answer the question "What is Spark?" and give you an in-depth overview of what makes it special. I'll outline the main features, including some of the advanced functionality. I'll also show you some of the main building blocks. What is Spark? Apache Spark is an open-source cluster-computing … Continue reading Apache Spark Introduction

Hunch’s “Taste Graph”

Hunch is a recommendation platform that analyzes the user's activity trend and lists recommendations on all sort of topics. It develops a map around user preferences and name it “Taste Graph”. It’s a sort of prediction tool, which improves constantly as you use (you like something, provide ratings, check-in, etc.) It’s somewhat similar to companies … Continue reading Hunch’s “Taste Graph”

Mockito: Java Unit Testing with Mock Objects

Mockito is an open source testing framework for Java. The framework allows the creation of Test Double objects called, "Mock Objects" in automated unit tests for the purpose of Test-driven Development (TDD) or Behavior Driven Development (BDD). Mockito compared to EasyMock seems to be more easily and has more flexibility. First it's able to mock … Continue reading Mockito: Java Unit Testing with Mock Objects